Suspend exploration and production contracts on Keta Delta Block – Social entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur, Vincent Dzokoto wants the suspension of exploration and production contracts on the Keta Delta Block.

According to him, there hasn’t been a sustained effort to forge cooperation between the communities within the Keta constituency and the government about plans to advance the exploration of oil.

Swiss African Oil Company and PET Volta Investments have been awarded a new exploration and production license for the Keta Delta block, located in the Volta Region of Ghana. The acquisition makes Swiss African Oil and PET Volta the first to explore for oil onshore Ghana.

In his view, Mr. Dzokoto said “Swiss Africa oil company is a reputable one but looking at the global trend you realize that BP, Total and Shell are all huge players within that industry and they have indicated that they will also be moving away from the infrastructure that has preserved the oil and gas economy over the last half and century.”

“So they are looking at cleaner alternative because at the end of the day climate change plays a huge role for the Keta constituency in particular; you look at the impact it has on fishing folks, the farmers. There also huge concerns with respect to the displacement of people that live there”.

He further said “when you look at the security issues on the Ghana –Togo border, West Africa as a whole has huge problem when it comes to border security. We are losing $2.3 billion every single year from illicit fishing in West Africa, so clearly there is going to be enhanced maritime intelligent. We want to ensure that oil will not come with some sort of political repercussion.

He stated that there should be a revision as to the kind of agreement that the nation have in place now.

“I think there is enough reason to buy time, consider credible alternative, ensure that we don’t plunge the constituency into some kind of political instability as well. I do believe that is work in progress and it’s an uphill task nonetheless and as I said there is every need to reinvent our economy and clearly the direction which  the world is going I guess that resonate with most people that allows and preserve humanity for that matter with respect to climate change”.