Our Organization

We are a Network of PFM experts who use our skills, knowledge and experience to achieve our Mission of enhancing the capacity of our clients to utilize their financial resources efficiently.

PFM Tax Africa has a Board of Directors, as both professional and regulatory requirements, to supervise its operations, advise on policy, and approve Associates. We seek to develop consultancy and advisory relations with public and private sector clients.

Founder/Executive Director

Hon. Seth E. Terkper is the Founder and Executive Director of PFM-TAX Africa Network Ltd. He was Ghana’s Minister for Finance from 2013 to 2015 (concurrent Minister of Power from 2015-2016 and Deputy Minister for Finance from 2009-2012).

He participated (Deputy) and later led (Minister) in managing Ghana’s economy through unique and cyclical phases that include the 2008 global financial crisis, severe domestic fiscal stress, and Ghana’s transitions to oil-and-gas as well as Middle-Income Country (MIC) status.

As Minister, Seth crafted the Home-Grown Policy (2013) used to negotiate the IMF ECF Program to deal with sudden fiscal stress and declining growth—mainly from the simultaneous fall in cocoa, gold, and crude oil prices, subsidy and salary overruns and an energy crisis. The Program helped Ghana avoid recession and led to gradual stabilization and turn-around, with positive prospects for growth, driven mainly by robust growth in services and construction, as well as proactive investments in Ghana’s energy sector. Download Full Bio

Board of Directors

PFM Tax Africa has a board of directors responsible for supervising and advising on policy and approving Associates. The members may be Executive or Non-Executive Directors who are partners or senior managers

Advisory Board

We have an experienced advisory panel, made up of reputable individuals, that gives technical support to the board in the form of quality assurance and review of programmes and strategies.


These are headquarters-based full-time, partial owners or managers who take part in technical aspects of the enterprise.


Associates are professional firms and individuals with qualifications, knowledge and expertise in Africa’s central and sub-national government PFM operations and related financial and non-financial affairs.

how can we help you?

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What is PFM?

PFM stands for Public Financial Management.

Who is the Founder and Executive Director of PFM?

Hon. Seth E. Terkper is the Founder and Executive Director of PFM-TAX Africa Network Ltd.

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