Our Focus

We define Public Financial Management (PFM) comprehensively or broadly to include tax and non-tax revenue, expenditure (including commitments), financing, stabilizers and buffers, and debt management. Hence, we define PFM practically to mean the set of policies, laws, rules, procedures and processes used by central and sub-national governments (SNGs) to mobilize revenues, estimate and allocate public funds, undertake public spending, finance budget gaps (including exceptional costs), and manage public debts – as authorized – as well as account for funds, with audit results or outcomes.

We reinforce training in macro-fiscal policies to create awareness about the importance of creating a stable and sustainable macro-economic environment through revenue mobilization, expenditure management, financing, and debt management. Consultancy and TA to MIC and Tier 2 Africa focuses, almost exclusively, on building internal or institutional capacity in PFM policy and operations.

how can we help you?

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What is PFM?

PFM stands for Public Financial Management.

Who is the Founder and Executive Director of PFM?

Hon. Seth E. Terkper is the Founder and Executive Director of PFM-TAX Africa Network Ltd.

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