Ofori-Atta doesn’t believe in IMF, why do you keep him because of the negotiations? – Ayawaso North MP

Member of Parliament for Ayawaso North, Yusif Jajah has questioned the logic in the president’s plea for the Majority MPs to allow finance minister Ken Ofori-Atta to complete the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) before his palpable dismissal.

The Ayawaso North MP is of the view that it is not the best of decision to allow the Finance Minister whose incompetence has plunged the country into a dire economic situation to hang on to office because of an ongoing IMF negotiations though many have lost confidence in his competence.

“Again you are saying the person started negotiation with the IMF so he should be allowed to complete it.

“You should know that this is the very person who said from the beginning that he would not go to the IMF so you should know that this person doesn’t believe in the IMF.

“Maybe he was compelled to go to the IMF and you are saying he started it so he must be allowed to complete it.” Yusif Jajah stated on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show.

He opined that the Majority MPs from the finance minister’s own party do not want him to aggravate the economic woes that is why they called for his resignation so that a new minister could be appointed to introduce new policies and programs to salvage the situation.

Yusif Jajah expressed his disappointment in the Majority MPs for compromising their position to allow the finance minister whose previous budgets have never helped the country to continue with his budget.

 “Mark my words if the IMF program kick-starts, then they will tell us again that he knows how to roll it out so he must be allowed to roll it out for us to get results” he predicted.

The Ayawaso North MP who is also a member of the Finance and Economic Committee of Parliament assured that the minority group will however continue with the parliamentary process they have initiated for Ken Ofori-Atta’s dismissal.

Source: 3news