Ghana: Stock market close at 2,730 points; returns -2.10% to traders

The Accra Bourse improved today as the benchmark GSE Composite Index (GSE-CI) gained 0.19 points on the day to close at 2,730.78,  representing a YTD return of -2.10%.

The GSE Financial Stock Index (GSE FSI) also improved its level as it gained 1.64 points to close trading at 2,117.32 translating into a YTD return of -1.60%.

In the aggregate, ten (10) equities participated in trading, ending with only one gainer, namely SIC  Insurance Company Ltd. (SIC) as it gained GH¢0.01 to close at GH¢0.17 representing a YTD gain of 112.50%.

Market capitalization maintained its value at GH¢63.24 billion representing a YTD decline of  -1.94% in 2022.

A total of 31,926 shares valued at GH¢25,430.88 were traded compared  to 1,928,211 shares valued at GH¢1,562,554.27 which changed hands  Friday, 4th March, 2022.

Scancom PLC. (MTNGH) at close of market traded the most, accounting for 76.47% of the total value traded.


Ticker  Volume  Value (GH¢)
MTNGH  18,006 19,446.48
SIC  10,000 1,700.00
AADS  2,000 820.00
CAL  1,230 1,045.50
EGL  295 973.50

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Source: norvanreports