Fixed Income Market: Government fails to meet target of Ghs 708 million

Government, at last week’s auction, raised a total of Ghs 655.73 million from the issuance of the 91 days and 182 days treasury bills.

The amount raised is below government’s target of Ghs 708 million.

Bids tendered in for the 91-day and 182-day bills amounted to Ghs 534 million and Ghs 129 million respectively.

In accepting the bids made, a total of Ghs 534 million was raised in the 91-day bills and Ghs 129 million was raised in 182-day bills as government accepted all bids made.

his compares to the Ghs 1,088.54 million raised in 91-day bills and the Ghs 148.07 million raised in 182-day bills at the previous week’s auction. 

Yields for 91-Day bill went up marginally by 0.16% to close at 12.50% whilst the 182-Day bills declined by 0.23% to settle at 13.22%. 

The target for the next auction (Tender #1775) is GH¢1,390.00 million in 91,182  and 364 Day bills.