Our focus on special fiscal units such as Large Taxpayer Offices (LTOs) and Debt Management Offices (DMOs) is essential to the MIC agenda and improves interaction with clients such as MNCs that have complex issues and make significant fiscal impact on economies.

The Network also provides advice to private sector entities, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and development partners (DPs) that interact with the fiscal authorities to improve understanding of policies, legislation, processes and measures. PFM-Tax Africa focuses on changes that often occur incrementally— with due attention to international best practices that take account of local needs — in developing, strengthening, and sustaining fiscal institutions.

We also support our clients in diverse ways such as consultancy, training, administration, research and report writing. We perform professional due diligence and quality assurance work for clients such as development partners, including bilateral and multilateral agencies..

how can we help you?

Contact us at the PFM Tax Africa office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.


What is PFM?

PFM stands for Public Financial Management.

Who is the Founder and Executive Director of PFM?

Hon. Seth E. Terkper is the Founder and Executive Director of PFM-TAX Africa Network Ltd.

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