CDGL introduces MICROMEC Farm Machinery, calls on Agri-stakeholders to Build Farmers Capacity

The Crop Doctor Ghana Limited (CDGL) has introduced the MICROMEC Farm Machinery to Ghanaian farmers and has called on agri-stakeholders to holistically train farmers to increase investment in the sector to improve farm practices, especially in rural areas, to reduce poverty.

Mr. Saaka Alhassan Wuntira, the Northern Regional Sales Officer of Crop Doctor Ghana Limited, in an interview, said sustainable agricultural development is an essential tool for poverty reduction in the country.

“Due to the challenges in the agriculture sector, Crop Doctor Ghana Limited has shown commitment to transforming agriculture by introducing MICROMEC Farm Machinery for Farmers across the country by offering low-cost, easy-to-use and maintain, affordable, and efficient equipment that create prosperity in the rural communities for farmers.”

Mr. Saaka Alhassan Wuntira

He said various machines for land preparation, planting, spraying, harvesting, and threshing to post-harvest solutions with flexible payment plans are available to suit every farmer, adding that this move by the company is to enhance the livelihoods of farmers and the sustainability of the country’s agricultural systems.

He called on stakeholders to partner with the private sector to implement supplementary strategies to promote agricultural systems to improve farming conditions in the communities.

He expressed the need for stakeholders to educate rural farmers to adopt new agricultural practices and farm technologies to improve farming, calling on the Department of Agriculture to assist farmers in developing their farm technical skills to help them to increase productivity, reduce poverty and minimize food insecurity.

Adding to building farmers capacity, a group of agri-experts disclosed in a recent interview that Aggressive Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) technologies dissemination is needed to develop to increase production in the country. According to the experts, the harmonization, mainstreaming, and upscaling of climate-friendly agriculture innovations to increase food production amid erratic rains, flooding, and drought caused by climate crises will save the country from food scarcity.

Agri-stakeholders building capacity of farmers nationwide

Mr. Wuntira’s assertions align with the numerous capacity pieces of training many agri-stakeholders give to farmers in the country.

In a recent interview, Farmers of Nsawam-Adoagyiri Municipality were trained at a day’s workshop on good farming practices (GAP) by Messiah Organic Chain Fertilizer to produce more for domestic consumption and export.

 The capacity of these farmers was built on soil saving, applying the Messiah Organic fertilizer and pesticides, using microbes to improve agricultural production and the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers on human health and the environment.

“Farmers who spray pesticides are the most vulnerable to its impact. Due to a lack of awareness and knowledge about safe and hygienic farming practices, many farmers are not using personal protective equipment while spraying pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is, therefore, necessary for farmers to adopt good agricultural practices (GAP) to maintain a healthy food supply chain.”

Nana Dwomoh Doyan, Chief Executive Officer of Messiah Organics Chain of Ghana

Many agri-stakeholders have received praise from the public for building the capacity of farmers in rural Ghana.

Source: vaultznews