Our Network Associates

Our network of associates are seasoned practitioners and academicians in PFM Tax drawn from various firms, institutions and countries including; Ghana, USA and UK.


Central, Federal and Sub-National Governments (SNGs). PFM in Executive, Judicial and Legislative (Parliamentary) organs.

Multilateral / Bilateral Agencies

Multilateral Agencies — (IMF, World Bank and AFDB) Bilateral Agencies including development partners and aid agencies. Regional and Continental example; ECOWAS, EAC, ATAF/WATAF, etc.

Business (Profit-Making) Entities

Public: State-owned Entities (SOEs) / Government Business Entities (GBEs); Private: Multinational Corporations and others (MNCs and others).

Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs / CSOs)

Civil Society / Non-Governmental Organizations.

Our Orientation

The use of per capita income as criteria for planning is objective and deemed relevant for African states that must develop innovative transition programs to MIC status. While PFM-Africa focuses on macro-fiscal policy and support for fiscal agencies, it considers the inter-dependence with monetary, financial, and sector policies as important. The Network also provides advice to private sector entities, CSOs, and development partners that interact with the fiscal authorities to improve understanding of policies, legislation, processes and measures.

PFM Tax Africa focuses on institutional change often via incremental steps and attention to local needs to develop, strengthen, and sustain fiscal agencies. This approach is inspired by the need for fiscal agencies in MIC or ULIC states, such as pioneering Revenue Authorities (e.g., Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda), to build and sustain “internal capacity” through improved organization, human resource management, systems and processes.

how can we help you?

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What is PFM?

PFM stands for Public Financial Management.

Who is the Founder and Executive Director of PFM?

Hon. Seth E. Terkper is the Founder and Executive Director of PFM-TAX Africa Network Ltd.

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